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Hail and Well Met

Tales of the Eagle Kingdom is half campaign, half playtest. The system is Second Star To The Right, a homebrew d% system, and TotEK is a High Fantasy campaign.

Campaign Pitch

In ancient days, mankind was divided and brother raised hand against brother. Petty tribes fought among themselves for scarce resources, preyed upon by Greenskins and other terrible beasts.
Then came the days of the first Eagle King. Uniting the tribes, he lead a crusade to claim the land from the menace of the Orc, the Goblin, the Troll, and the other savage races, eventually driving the Greenskins back to the wasteland of Dark Pyre.

Three hundred years have passed since that day, and the Eagle Kingdom rests in an uneasy and fragile peace. The current King is aging, and has no heir. Meanwhile, monsters and villains trouble the Eagle Kingdom.
From without, the Greenskin war-bands have been spotted in increasingly larger numbers, as though they are being united once more. From within, nobles plan and scheme, and discontent is brewing. On top of this, other, stranger events and hardships befall the people across the kingdom.

Home Page

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